Supermarket prices 2017 squeeze pensioners

Supermarket Prices 2017 is very informative. I found it on Facebook this morning. If you find any articles that you think might be of interest to pensioners please send me a reference.

Supermarket trolleys

South African consumers have hit hard times over the past few years as creeping GDP growth, high unemployment and many political shocks continued to weigh on the economy.

This week, GDP data from Stats SA showed that South Africa has officially entered recession, with economists predicting tough times ahead for consumers, as more ratings downgrades are in the pipeline, which will ultimately put further pressure on the pocket.

Supermarket prices


One of the key components of South Africa’s slide into recession is the cut in consumer spending, in everything from recreation, clothing and transport, even basic needs like food.

And South Africa’s biggest food retailers are feeling the pinch.

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