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RASKIs for Hire

Location Skills Name & Contact Brief details
Western Cape
Caterer Cathy Hall
Tel: 083.326.4932 or 022.492.2009
Catering for private parties.
Western Cape Electrical Engineer: Retired Richard Stephens
Tel: +27 81.756.1966
Microsoft proficient - Word, Excel, Power Point. Data collection and analysis, copy typing, agricultural dairy expertise and Body Corporate experience (Chairman)
Western Cape
Fine Artist Enid Robat
Tel: (022) 492 1001
Cell: 072 625 8604
Fine artist. Specialising in People portraits, Animal portraits and Seascapes. Working on commission.
Western Cape
Guest House,
Organic Compost
Bobby Beckman
Tel: 022.492.3561 or 082.416.0046
Disa Lodge B&B
Bobby also supplies organic compost (horse manure based) AND Ostripet dog food.
Western Cape
Handyman Norman Fillies
Tel: 073.286.8415
Hndyman. Norman has done work for us and we can strongly recommend him. He is Reliable, inventive and thorough.
Western Cape
Internal Auditor/Financial Manager Jan Pohl
Tel: 082.448.7771
Any financial or auditing related work.
I also sell Clivia plants and seed that is show quality from my home at 24 Hildebrand street Darling.
Western Cape
IT - Manager retired Chris Hankel
Tel: 082.822.3903
Western Cape
Marketing (Digital) Peter Hall
Tel: 022.492.2009
Design and build websites.
Setup & manage email campaigns.
Writing and Editing.
Western Cape
Pr Arch T Jimmy Schofield
Tel: 079.383.8882
Plans for Domestic, Industrial and Commercial buildings. Plans for Alterations and Additions to existing buildings.
Western Cape
Tax Practitioner Anne Beaton
Tel: 072.640.0102
Email: anneabs@mweb.co.za
I am a registered tax practitioner, able to compile & submit all of your tax returns.
Western Cape
Translator and Editor Louis van Ryneveld
Translation / Vertaling
English / Afrikaans / Latin
Afrikaans > English
English > Afrikaans
Lingua Latina > Afrikaans / English
Western Cape
Translator John French
Tel:084.530.9024 or 022.492.1003
Translation / Vertaling
Technical and General translations
English > Afrikaans
Afrikaans > English

FAQ - Using the Board

Is RASKI Network easy to use ?

My experience of Job Boards is that they quickly become difficult to navigate when they become over indexed. RASKI is easy to follow and easy to interrogate using a simple Table Search.

What can I use the Search for ?

The search at the top of the Network box can be used to find location or to find skills. This will become increasingly relevant as the Network builds.

Are details checked before loading ?

Yes they are.

Are there any terms of employment involved ?

Not with the RASKI Network. Our job is to put buyer and seller together. The contractual details are up to you.

Are there opportunities for Commercial Advertising ?

While listing on the RASKI Network is entirely FREE there is a variety of commercial Advertising options available for your products or services – visit Advertise >>

Is there a minimum age requirement ?

The minimum age is 60.

Can I include a Hyper link to my website ?

Strictly this should attract a fee as it is linked advertising. But let’s speak (Peter at 022.492.2009)

Is listing limited to Darling, Cape West Coast etc ?

Certainly not. You are welcome to join no matter where you live.

So what is a RASKI ?

Variously described as Recycled Teenagers by a perceptive game ranger, as Silver Surfers by the Weberati and as Mom and Dad by our kids; RASKIs enjoy travel, good books, great music, excellent food, loyal pets, very good wine and much more. Occasionally curmudgeonly, we enjoy life and we are fun to be with.

Many of us work part-time because we enjoy it and because we are far too active to consider stopping. And there’s a bonus, it tops up our pensions.

Have a look at the energetic retirees who want to get back into the job market or want to extend their time in the job market.

Add your details to the RASKI Network

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Pensioners and people from 55 offering their skills and expertise to the job market. RASKI includes a skills Network, special features, offers and news.