Working after retirement. Pensioners using their skills and expertise in the job market

Is RASKI Network easy to use ?

My experience of Job Boards is that they quickly become difficult to navigate when they become over indexed. RASKI is easy to follow and easy to interrogate using a simple Table Search.

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What can I use the Search for ?

The search at the top of the Network box can be used to find location or to find skills. This will become increasingly relevant as the Network builds.

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Are details checked before loading ?

Yes they are.

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Are there any terms of employment involved ?

Not with the RASKI Network. Our job is to put buyer and seller together. The contractual details are up to you.

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Are there opportunities for Commercial Advertising ?

While listing on the RASKI Network is entirely FREE there is a variety of commercial Advertising options available for your products or services – visit Advertise >>

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Is there a minimum age requirement ?

The minimum age is 50.

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Can I include a Hyper link to my website ?

Strictly this should attract a fee as it is linked advertising. But let’s speak (Peter at 022.492.2009)

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Is listing limited to Darling, Cape West Coast etc ?

Certainly not. You are welcome to join no matter where you live.

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